Give and Grin Day Three

Give and Grin Day Three

On Wednesday, July 11th, Give and Grin participants went to Arc’s Value Village in the morning and spent the afternoon Bowling at the University of Minnesota and eating ice cream. Keep reading to hear all about our day!

The kids started out the morning as usual; putting name tags on, bringing a bag lunch, and playing a morning game or activity while waiting for the rest to arrive. When everyone arrived, we sat down to have the rundown of the day and say a prayer. Once again going over the Corporal Works of Mercy ( and saying our morning prayer. After the youth decided where they wanted to spend their morning, the groups parted ways with some going to Arc’s Value Village (, and some staying back to work in the Giving Garden.

The youth and adult participants that went to Arc’s Value Village, a thrift store and donation center, spent their time sorting through donated clothes, various household items, etc. See the photos below of what they got up to and the fun that they had! Many of the youth correlated their experience there with the Corporal Work of Mercy: “I was naked, and you clothed me.” Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time helping at Arc’s and are excited to volunteer here again in the future. They headed back to Corpus to join the rest of the volunteers for lunch.

Back at the Giving Garden, gardeners were had a great day full of sunshine and hard work. They harvested vegetables, picked potato beetles and Japanese beetles off plants, planted more vegetables, picked weeds, and more. It was a busy day out in the sun, but it paid off. After dropping the food off at the Keystone Food Shelf (, they headed back to Corpus for a well-deserved lunch. Below are some photos of the gardeners including our Youth Director Liz, who despite having a herniated disk in her back, was outside giving and grinning!

During lunch, the youth participants shared what they had learned that day, their favorite parts, and what change they would make in their life now that they had volunteered. After sharing, one of our parishioners Raymond Reyes came in to share his immigration story, keeping within our Give and Grin 218 theme: Immigration. The youth and adults alike were enveloped in his story and gave him a huge round of applause in the end. Once they had cleaned up their lunches and said their thanks to Ray, they walked down to the corner public bus station and rode over to the University of Minnesota’s bowling alley ( With shoes on and teams picked, they began bowling. Laughs and cheers filled the entire bowling alley, and there was a smile on everyone’s face. After a few hours of bowling, they headed back to Corpus on the public bus, and our teen mentors helped serve ice cream to all the youth and adult participants. People brought of decks of cards, played board games, etc. It was a great way to end the day. See photos below of Ray’s talk, bowling, and ice cream:

Eventually, parents began to show up to pick up their kids. After all the fun that was had, everyone was excited about next week’s Give and Grin. If you’d like to join us for it, contact Liz Russell at!


God Bless,

Marie Valois

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