Give and Grin Day Four

Give and Grin Day Four

On Wednesday, July 18th, our givers and grinners volunteered at Second Harvest Heartland, visited senior homes, gardened at the Giving Garden, and spent their afternoon at Como Pool/Como Zoo! Keep reading to hear all about our day.

After our usual morning flurry of activities (putting on name tags, getting lunches in the fridge, and playing games), everyone had eventually arrived, and we began our morning rundown of the day. By now, many of the kids have memorized the Corporal Works of Mercy ( and are more comfortable offering up prayers during prayer time: success! Once the youth had decided where they wanted to spend their morning volunteering, some went off to Second Harvest Heartland (, some went to visit the homes of many of our elderly parishioners, and some stayed back to garden in the Giving Garden.

For those that went to Second Harvest Heartland, they worked on sorting through and packaging up potatoes! They stood in an assembly line, sorted out the rotten potatoes, and funneled the good potatoes into boxes to be fed to the hungry in our community. One of our adult participants was moving a rotten potato to the side and their finger squashed right through it! Everyone had a good laugh, and after the numbers had been calculated, they learned that they had packaged 6,158 pounds of food! After all their hard work, they headed back to Corpus for lunch. See photos below:

Some of our youth and adults decided to bring freshly baked cookies and their warm smiles to the homes of our elderly parishioners. They visited 10 homes that morning, and at each house they went to they sang songs and dropped off cookies. Many of the homes they visited were home to parishioners who couldn’t make it to mass anymore, were sick, etc. The youth enjoyed spending time visiting with our elderly parishioners, and many of them were inspired to visit their own grandparents more often. Just spending a few minutes of one’s time with community members makes all the difference. After visiting all 10 homes, they went back to Corpus for lunch.

The gardeners had another lovely day for gardening which made the work fly by. They harvested vegetables, picked potato beetles and Japanese beetles off plants, planted more vegetables, and picked weeds. Once they had harvested more vegetables than they could fit in their car, they decided it was time to head over to the Keystone Community Food Shelf ( to drop off their donation. They donated boxes of collards, dill, basil, carrots, cilantro, kale, lettuce heads, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, swiss chard, beets, turnips, green onions, broccoli, rhubarb, and sugar snap peas. The grand total pounds of vegetables donated was 177 pounds! Once they had dropped off the food and written their names in the donation log book, they went back to Corpus for lunchtime. See the photos below:

During lunch, the youth participants shared what they had learned that day, their favorite parts, and what change they would make in their life now that they had volunteered. After sharing, one of our parishioners Lydie Rose Feliho told her story of immigration, and her journey of becoming a registered nurse here in the U.S. There were smiles all around, laughs, and a huge round of applause at the end. She also brought some homemade food to share with everyone and that was a huge hit. After thanking Lydie Rose and getting into swimsuits, youth participants piled into cars and drove down to Como Pool for a fun day in the sun. Some youth also went to Como Zoo and saw some of their favorite animals. See photos below of Lydie Rose, the pool, and the zoo:

Eventually, it was time to head back to Corpus since it was nearing parent pick-up time; but not without Freezies first! While snacking on frozen treats, parents began picking up their kids and heading home. It was a long day, but fun was had by many!


God Bless,

Marie Valois





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