Give and Grin Day Five

Give and Grin Day Five

On Wednesday, August 1st, Give and Grin participants went to Second Stork and did some park cleanup, and some went to our Giving Garden. As summer comes to a close and hints of school sneak their way back into our lives, we went to the educational (and fun) new Bell Museum in the afternoon. Keep reading to hear all about our day.  

By now, the kids and adults alike have our morning routine down perfectly. Once we had gone through all the steps in the routine, the volunteers were sent off to their various duties; a group went off to Second Stork and another group stayed back to help in the Giving Garden.  

This is our first time volunteering at Second Stork with Give and Grin ( and the kids had an absolute blast! They helped pack diaper bags for new parents, filled with diapers, wipes, clothing sets, and bassinet attachments. The kids had a lot of fun seeing and handling the cute baby clothes and items and loved putting the final sticker on the diaper bag to seal the deal. Eventually, they headed onto Evergreen Park (right across from Corpus) to do some park cleanup. Many of the kids enjoyed this as well, seeing as just a bit of effort to clean up after one another can make a huge difference in our community. After all their hard work, they headed back to Corpus for lunch. See photos below.

With rain in the morning, the Giving Garden was a bit muddy, but a little dirt never hurt anyone! Gardeners were busy harvesting vegetables, planting new seedlings, putting up fences, and washing the vegetables being sent to the Food Shelf ( They donated boxes of countless vegetables, but in total, it was 260 pounds! Our biggest delivery this summer! Once they had donated the boxes of food, they headed back to Corpus for lunch. See photos below.  

During lunch, kids shared about their volunteer experience, and what they learned. After each group shared, one of our adult volunteers talked about Project Home and how they are always in need of volunteers no matter their age ( After he spoke, some of our older youth that recently went on our Mission Trip got up to speak and shared about their week in Marville Arkansas. After lunch and the speakers, our participants piled into cars and headed over to the brand-new Bell Museum for a fun and educational time (! See photos below.

Finally, it became time to head back to Corpus for Freezies and parent pick-up. The kids had had a long day of giving and grinning and were feeling bittersweet since next week is our last Give and Grin of 2018. If you’d like to join us for our last Give and Grin on August 8th, please contact Liz Russell at The more the merrier!  


God Bless, 

Marie Valois 

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