2018 Youth Summer Overview

2018 Youth Summer Overview

For our youth, this summer was a jam-packed full of fun, volunteering, and growing in faith. Here’s an overview of all they got up to!


Starting out the summer on June 3rd, a group of teens grades 10-12 gathered for our first ever Youth Book Club! They read The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shack). Having meetings every other week, they asked and answered hard questions that made them think about their faiths, morals/values, and more. The book helped them grow in their understanding of the church and its people, and who God calls them to be. For their last meeting on August 18th, the Book Club sat down to watch the 2017 movie adaptation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL0yUbSS5Eg), complete with pizza, popcorn, and sweet treats! It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and hopefully, we’ll have another book club next summer. See photos below.



All throughout the summer plenty of our youth were involved in our Give & Grin Summer Program which met six times this summer, starting on June 13th and ending on August 8th. Our Communications intern Marie Valois has been posting blog updates from each week so make sure to check those out for more information. They also contain photos from each week.


In the middle of our summer, a group of teens and adults headed down to Marvell, Arkansas for our 2018 Mission Trip through YouthWorks (https://youthworks.com/). During the week they served at the Kids Club playing with kids from the community, the Humane Society walking dogs, the Senior Home playing bingo and making t-shirts, and various other service projects around the community. They also spent their evenings singing praise and worship songs with the other church groups that were there the same week and always ended their nights in prayer. The whole trip was from July 21st to July 28th. See photos below.



Ending the summer was our Senior High Lock-In, which was from August 10th to August 11th. The night was full of praise and worship in the church, hearing testimonies of people’s faiths, a midnight pizza party, playing Sardines in our school wing, a pancake breakfast while watching the sunrise, and more! Just barely a few hours into the night the kids were exclaiming “we should have a lock-in every year!” The kids decided to stay up all night, even though some had to work at 10:00 AM the following morning! Our last lock-in was the spring of 2016, so it was about time to have another. See the photo below of our morning sunrise watch.


At Corpus, we have been blessed with youth who are excited to jump at any opportunity to serve others, share their gifts, and learn more about God and others. Our youth program has been ever-evolving but one thing remains constant; these kids love God and one another and would drop everything to help people. When the Faith Formation 2018-19 year starts up in the fall, if you are searching or know of any youth that is searching for an enriching program, stop by Corpus Christi! Everyone is welcome here. And remember to put this on your calendar now, on Halloween our Senior High is going trick or treating for canned goods for our local Food Shelf! 😊




Liz Russell

Teen Faith Formation Coordinator

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