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May 31st, Pentecost
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For Your Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, a favorite liturgy for many as we know our Corpus Christi community has many gifts of language, representing the gathering of nations which is a great witness. The word Pentecost comes from the Greek word for the fiftieth day and brings the Easter Season to its conclusion, but it also is referred to as the birthday of the church because before Pentecost, there really was no church. Yes, there is the arrival of the Spirit, but the Spirit is present throughout the Bible starting in Genesis. This time the Spirit turned a bunch of frightened, confused people into church. There was a rush of wind, tongues of fire, and then suddenly there was courage, and knowledge, direction, and commitment. The bestowal of the Spirit authorized the disciples to continue the mission of Jesus. Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” Just like with a forest fire, the tangled undergrowth of fear, anxiety, and timidity was cleared away and the new life of the church was germinated, took root and has been growing ever since across the world in every language. A reminder that the birthday of the church is not a building, it was the people ignited with excitement and sent out to share the Good News. The Spirit takes a body of individuals and transforms them into the body of Christ, the church. Think of Pentecost as a verb, not a noun, and with it we are transformed to take action out in the world.

First and foremost, the church starts with the people, accompanying each other in life, then they create spaces to gather and be in community. This same Spirit blew through the windows at Vatican II and ignited new life in the church, and there is still work to be done there. Today, we have another opportunity for transforming growth as the church in a challenging world. The restrictions on gathering at this time challenge to us to rethink what it truly means to be the church. How shall we continue to grow in our faith? Are we stuck on what we cannot do, afraid to see where we are being led? What blessings can be found in virtual worship? How does sitting with the Scriptures speak differently to me? How can we meet the needs of those around us while maintaining a safe distance? What are we being called to today? The Spirit is always working and calling us to action. Our works, actions, and prayers today help us live out our love of neighbor. There is plenty to be done. This same Spirit orients us outward rather than inward, towards service to God and others. We are propelled to share our gifts with each other to build up the church in faith, hope and charity wherever we are. How can we cooperate with the Spirit? First there is an invocation “Come, Holy Spirit.” Three powerful words that acknowledge the need for the Spirit’s intervention and the openness to accept the guidance the Spirit brings. There are prophets in every age, the ones through whom the Spirit has spoken. Their words come from insight more that foresight. They speak less about what will be, and more about what can be right here, right now. We too can be that voice when we listen and find that presence, union and oneness. It can happen when we find our vocation and we know that we are living the life to which God has called us and a voice reassures us saying, “this is your place.” It can be in moments of joy-filled creativity when we wonder, “Where did that come from? How did I do that?” It can be the soft voice in the midst of sorrow and loss that says, “I am here. It won’t be easy, but you will be ok.” and somehow we have the strength to get us to the next day. It can be the voice of compassion that enables us to care for another. It can be a word of encouragement that points the way, a word of truth that causes us to turn around, a word of peace we embody as a reconciled relationship. Pentecost moments are when we know God is not just with us or around us, but within us and we are somehow different, more real, more alive, and made more whole. Start simple by taking time to allow the Peace Jesus offers to echo in your mind and heart. Breathe it in and let the word Peace fill your body. It is a constant promise of Jesus and as you receive this gift, send this Peace in a prayer to those who may sorely need prayer today. From there you can respond to the changes the Spirit may be calling you to today. The building may be closed, but the church is open, alive, and sent out working in the world. Come, Holy Spirit!


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Music as Prayer (Bis orat qui bene cantat)

A greater entrance into the prayer of the Liturgy is achieved by being familiar with the music. In particular, the Psalm functions best as a meditation on the readings when we know it well and the mechanics of singing it do not consume too much of our focus. Similarly, with the individual parts of the Mass Settings (the sung acclamations)

Not in Hymnal – YouTube link:
God Of The Ages – Lori True

Psalm – ReverbNation.com link:
Psalm 95: If Today You Hear His Voice – Paul Tate,  COWJ

Not in Hymnal – YouTube link:
The God Of Second Chances – David Haas

Not in Hymnal – YouTube link:
Quietly, Peacefully – Lori True

Mass Setting – YouTube links:
Mass Of Mercy – Lori True and Paul Tate
Gospel Acclamation
Holy, Holy, Holy
Memorial Acclamation (different words but melody is essentially the same)
Lamb Of God

Mass Setting – local link: (Corpus Christi Church, Lent 2019)
Mass Of Mercy – Lori True and Paul Tate
Prayers of the Faithful

Preface Dialog – YouTube link:
Traditional Chant – ICEL

Our Father – Fr. Paveglio & Corpus Christi:
Traditional Chant – ICEL

Mass PartNumber (if present) and Title in the Gather hymnal
Gathering Song:
Gospel Acclamation:
Prayers of the Faithful:
Preparation of Gifts:
Eucharistic Acclamations:
Lamb of God:

The Worship Calendar:


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