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August 25th, The Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

A link to the readings from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

A Reflection on the Readings

This Sunday in the Gospel we hear questions from the crowd about how many people will be saved, only a few? We are given the image that we will enter through a narrow gate that will include people from the east and the west and from the north and the south and will recline at table in the kingdom of God. “For behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.” This is a difficult passage for many. Many times in the Gospels Jesus is asked, “What do I have to do to get in?”  The Jewish people had 613 commandments they needed to follow to be in what they thought was good standing. Scribes and Pharisees looked for salvation by keeping the laws and regulations to the letter, wearing religious uniforms and being seen by others as pious. It was all exterior. Jesus points inside to the narrow door of the heart. It can be opened by everyone, of any race or color, the message is for all to hear. It is what is inside that is most important to Jesus and will be naturally reflected in life choices on the outside.

Our human nature of wanting acceptance drives us towards tribalism; who is in and who is out. Black or white, politically red or blue, rich or poor, American or not…we like to assign a label, but that is not Jesus’ nature. He lived his life breaking the societal rules and professing that he came to save all people. We believe that the Holy Spirit can prompt the heart of any person anywhere at any time, so that that person strives to lead a life of compassion and justice and not harming innocent creatures. This will encompass millions if not billions of people. We may be very surprised by who is there beyond the narrow gate and who is not. The relationship with Jesus is not so transactional that if we do x, y, z then we will earn our own salvation. Salvation is a free gift, undeserved no matter how much we may think we deserve it. Can we meet people without a preconceived notion about who they are? Can we refrain from assigning labels and meet them as Children of God? What if we assumed the role of the outcast for ourselves and others humbly trying to do the best they can to make it through the narrow gate? Our human mind tends to want to manipulate, control and calculate outcomes, but living a life of faith is different, it is a leap of faith with the heart. This Gospel challenges the narrowness of our thoughts, perceptions, mercy and the limits of our generosity. We are not to spend our time on this earth speculating and worrying about who will or will not be saved, we are called to love one another, lift each other up, and spread the Good News of God’s love for all. We must strip away the baggage of our own selfishness that would not allow us to be able to fit through the narrow gate.

Music as Prayer (Bis orat qui bene cantat)

A greater entrance into the prayer of the Liturgy is achieved by being familiar with the music. In particular, the Psalm functions best as a meditation on the readings when we know it well and the mechanics of singing it do not consume too much of our focus. Similarly, with the individual parts of the Mass Settings (the sung acclamations)

Psalm – YouTube link:
Psalm 100: We Are God’s People – David Haas, #56

Mass Setting – YouTube link:
Storrington Mass – Marty Haugen

Mass Setting – YouTube link:
Mass of Redemption – Gloria – Steven Janco

Preface Dialog – YouTube link:
Traditional Chant – ICEL

Our Father – Fr. Paveglio & Corpus Christi:
Traditional Chant – ICEL

Mass PartNumber (if present) and Title in the Gather hymnal
Gathering Song:#498 All you Works of God
Gloria:Storrington Mass
Psalm:#56 We Are God’s People
Gospel Acclamation:Storrington Mass
Prayers of the Faithful:Spoken
Preparation of Gifts:#505 Rain Down
Eucharistic Acclamations:Storrington Mass
Lamb of God:Storrington Mass
Communion: #830 Seed Scattered and Sown
Closing: #598 How Can I Keep from Singing

The Worship Calendar:


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