Worship At Home
Reflections from the Community


In these days of social distancing we have endeavored to provide a Corpus Christi online worship experience. The Worship At Home web page has been our attempt to provide that. One of the ways our community has used this resource has been to gather virtually in real time using video conferencing software like FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and Zoom. In an effort to hold onto our deep liturgical roots, one virtual group has gone to the point of having rotating presiders, lectors, and even homilists. The reflections provided by the members of this group have often been very inspiring. In an effort to share these reflections with the larger community several of them have been collected and published here on the CC website.



Note: not everyone who gave a reflection to the group has had a chance to submit a copy yet. More will be posted here when they arrive.

02-21-21,  Peggy Doi

02-14-21,  Bill Brady

02-07-21,  Diane Hovey

01-31-21,  Tom Hovey

01-24-21,  No reflection this week

01-17-21,  No reflection this week

01-10-21,  Linda DiGiorno

01-03-21,  Mike Cole

12-27-20,  Small Group Faith Sharing

12-20-20,  Deb Stine

12-13-20,  Diane Hovey

12-06-20,  Kathy DiGiorno

11-29-20,  Laura Cole

11-22-20,  Jill Klausing

11-08-20,  Diane Hovey

11-01-20,  Sr Stephanie Spandl, SSND

10-25-20,  Marie Valois

10-11-20 & 10-18-20, Confirmation Testimonies

10-04-20,  Cheryl Brady

09-27-20,  Aaron A.C. Bohr, S.J.

09-20-20,  Moms In Prayer

09-06-20,  Esther Karanja

08-30-20,  Olivia DiGiorno

08-23-20,  Kathy DiGiorno

08-16-20,  Stephanie Spandl, SSND

08-09-20,  Thomas Dohm

08-02-20,  Linc Stine

07-26-20,  Kathy DiGiorno

07-19-20,  Tom Valois

07-12-20,  Betsy Madden

07-05-20,  Bill Brady

06-28-20,  Sara Vetter

06-21-20,  Gail Chang Bohr

06-14-20,  Erin Que

06-07-20,  Olivia DiGiorno

05-24-20,  Mike Cole

05-17-20,  Kathy DiGiorno

05-10-20,  Vince DiGiorno

05-03-20,  Alisa Weber

04-12-20,  Laura Cole

04-10-20,  Olivia DiGiorno

04-09-20,  Mark Kristjanson

04-05-20,  Mike Cole

03-29-20,  Olivia DiGiorno



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The Corpus Christi Songbook

Links to the music we have recorded for use in Worship At Home.



Also of interest:
A video version of music ministers from Corpus Christi singing Shelter Me by Fr. Michael Joncas, published on YouTube:

COMPOSER’S NOTE These are difficult times for all of us, individually and globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as normal and called for acts of corporate and individual heroism in the face of present suffering and an uncertain future. People of faith may be struggling to articulate their belief in an all-good and all-powerful God in this new era. “Shelter Me” — is my attempt as a church composer to find God’s presence even in these fraught times. Based on the beloved Psalm 23, my paraphrase adapts the psalmist’s sentiments to respond to our present anxieties.