Worship At Home
Small Group Reflection of 05-03-20


In these days of social distancing we have endeavored to provide a Corpus Christi online worship experience. The Worship At Home web page has been our attempt to provide that. One of the ways our community has used this resource has been to gather virtually in real time using video conferencing software like FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and Zoom. In an effort to hold onto our deep liturgical roots, one virtual group has gone to the point of having rotating presiders, lectors, and even homilists. The reflections provided by the members of this group have often been very inspiring. In an effort to share these reflections with the larger community several of them have been collected and published here on the CC website.

Reflection from 05-03-20, provided by Alisa Weber.


Father Kennedy began his Homily today with the story of the sheep following the shepherd down the road in Germany.
Pause for a moment and envision yourself as one of those sheep…
He describes the bystanders tempting and distracting the animals, yet they keep their eyes on the shepherd.
How are you doing keeping your eyes on the shepherd these days?

Intellectually we all know that if we follow Jesus we will be more at peace, more kind and loving and patient. Yet what keeps us from doing so?

As we go through life each day, how are we doing keeping our eyes on Jesus, our shepherd?
What are the distractions that cause us to stop, get lost, get discouraged?
What is keeping you up at night?

For me I’ve found that I’ve needed to turn off the radio, step away from the internet news, and especially FACEBOOK.  I’ve found that I need to focus on the Serenity Prayer: ”Lord help me to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  At the parish retreat in early February Father Linn emphasized the need to go to sleep every night expressing gratitude, thanking God as one falls asleep and waking up thanking God once again.  I’ve found this to be truly helpful as well.  Father Kennedy encouraged us in his homily to read Scripture; I’ve also found that reading the daily readings each day is helpful.  During this time when we cannot receive the Eucharist or gather in person, Scripture is indeed our lifeline to the Shepherd.

We each have different distractions, and we each have different tools which will help us stay focused on following our shepherd…
I challenge each of you this week to choose and practice different methods until you find what works for you;
It may be reading scripture, it may be expressing gratitude, it may be serving others, it may be taking a deep breath and praying, it may be taking a walk outside…
Be kind to yourself and know that the shepherd is leading us…
Its up to us to follow and not get distracted…