Worship At Home
Small Group Reflection of 04-12-20


In these days of social distancing we have endeavored to provide a Corpus Christi online worship experience. The Worship At Home web page has been our attempt to provide that. One of the ways our community has used this resource has been to gather virtually in real time using video conferencing software like FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and Zoom. In an effort to hold onto our deep liturgical roots, one virtual group has gone to the point of having rotating presiders, lectors, and even homilists. The reflections provided by the members of this group have often been very inspiring. In an effort to share these reflections with the larger community several of them have been collected and published here on the CC website.

Reflection from 04-12-20, provided by Laura Cole.


Easter Sunday 2020

Alleluia and Happy Easter! Today is a day filled with the hope and joy of a miracle, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The reflective time of Lent and celebrating of the Triduum leading up to Easter Sunday really bring this day to its full light. Despite the challenges in the world right now, it is a blessing to be in the world at this time. The whirl wind of change from the beginning to Lent to Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Crucifixion may have felt very parallel for us with so many transitions this year. All along we knew the BIGGEST SPOILER EVER…. Through all this WE KNEW JESUS WAS GOING to rise, we knew he had to rise for scripture to be fulfilled. We know the Paschal mystery, that suffering and death lead to Resurrection. We know salvation is ours for the asking and the embracing.

Even at the end of the Gospel today the women are puzzled. Jesus was moved from the tomb? Where? The disciples show up at the tomb John states, “the disciples got there and saw him gone and then believed… for they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.” In Matthew’s version of the tomb story read at the Easter Vigil, the women at the tomb receive the message with an Earthquake and a very flashy angel, much like we may tease each other we may need a sign in flashing lights to figure some things out. There is an afternoon reading today which is the road to Emmaus. In this familiar story, followers walk a long road with Jesus and are unable to recognize Jesus. They only understand when he breaks bread with them using the same prophetic words as at the Last Supper.

Historically, they all knew what needed to come next. If Jesus was indeed the Messiah. He needed to rise. Yet it is so difficult for our human frailty to wrap around something that has never happened. How could prophecy be unfolding before them? How can we navigate this new way of living? Slowly they figure it out and the Good News travels through the country. NOT via zoom or TikTok or even a land line telephone or the US postal service. Think how long this would take??? Our Holy Week reflections starting with Palm Sunday have asked us to sit in the brokenness and feel the visceral experience of the Passion at this time, ponder our opportunity to support meaningful change during this time of pandemic, be aware of the needs of God’s people on earth.

As a people of Joy and Hope, I’m assuming most of us could barely wait (or perhaps we didn’t wait) to roll that stone away this morning and declare Jesus Christ is Risen, Alleluia. We KNOW THE ENDING…. We know Jesus rises every Easter. We know the Paschal Mystery and look for the suffering and death to yield the Resurrection. Our humanity seeks hope and joy and that is good. That is needed and that is perhaps some of the most important work to be done for the salvation of human kind right now. We need hope. We need joy. We need perfect love that forgives providing us grace for all our inequities. As Christians, the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ sows in us a desire for this joy, hope, forgiveness, and grace of the miracle of the resurrection. Snow, rain, or sunshine; pandemic, illness, or usual chaos. We rehearse the Resurrection of Jesus Christ every Sunday of the year. WHY? Because we are human and need to hear it again and again! We experience a range of emotions and we forget stuff, ignore stuff, change it all up in our mind to serve our immediate needs. We need to take time for reflection AND we are not called to settle into the muck and get stuck there. We need reminders that we are loved perfectly and there is joy and hope in God’s Love.

This Easter season more than ever we are called to celebrate the Love of Jesus Christ. It is a perfect love. So perfect we cannot even offer it wholly to others. From the beginning of Genesis we learn that we are formed in the image and likeness of God. We can work with that while recognizing we are human, we need forgiveness and grace in order to be able to share love, hope, and joy. Is it difficult to share God’s love as perfectly as we can? Sometimes. Is it fruitful? Always…. In our humanity, we may not always be able to see the fruit.

As we move through this Easter Season and beyond, we must be open to how we are needed to share this perfect love with God’s people. The people of the world need and deserve the purity of this unconditional love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The call to love and serve this Easter Season is likely to be unexpected in some curious way! Ready your heart to recognize the call and share the love, forgiveness, joy and hope you have experienced.