Worship At Home
Small Group Reflection of 04-09-20


In these days of social distancing we have endeavored to provide a Corpus Christi online worship experience. The Worship At Home web page has been our attempt to provide that. One of the ways our community has used this resource has been to gather virtually in real time using video conferencing software like FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and Zoom. In an effort to hold onto our deep liturgical roots, one virtual group has gone to the point of having rotating presiders, lectors, and even homilists. The reflections provided by the members of this group have often been very inspiring. In an effort to share these reflections with the larger community several of them have been collected and published here on the CC website.

Reflection from 04-09-20, provided by Mark Kristjanson.


Holy Thursday

Tonight, surrounded by people we are spending every waking minute with, testing our ability to serve and love, we come together virtually being called to service and shown what unconditional love looks like.

During his last Passover celebration, Jesus demonstrates one last time just how much we are loved and called to serve. He further reminds his disciples and us that this is the model to use for service and love. He uses foot washing, a ritual that is still important to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. For a people that were nomadic and in the desert, this was an important ritual. Fr. Kennedy points out in his homily that it was also a promise of protection from the host to the guest, even to the point of death. We are called to a life of service in the same way. To serve each other with everything we have.

Right now, we are called to serve each other by staying apart. This has caused us all great stress, anxiety, and loneliness not to mention the financial cost many are paying. We have all mentioned in our own ways how much we miss the community that we are celebrating with tonight. When this is all done, we will need to help each other by helping pick up the pieces of life BC (before corona) and put it back together. While life will look similar, it won’t be the same. We can use this disruption in our normal routines to serve each other, by looking at what needs to change and changing it. Everything is upside down already, no better time to make the changes that we have seen needed to be made but couldn’t act on for whatever reason.

The other part of the lesson is unconditional love. While Jesus knew his betrayer, he washed his feet the same as everyone else’s. That is a model of forgiveness that we have been given to try and live up to. Not an easy task but it is what we are called to do. We need to look around and see what in our lives we need to forgive and release whatever grudge we hold. This can be our virtual foot washing for the night.

We are called to service and forgiveness and shown how tonight, let’s continue to aspire to be our best selves and figure out how to use this disruption to life to move closer to the heaven on earth we are asked to create.