Easter Egg Hunt (with prizes)!

Easter Egg Hunt (with prizes)!

Congratulations to Wade Logeais for winning the Easter egg hunt! And a special thanks to everyone who looked at the new web site and made suggestions.


Let’s add a little fun to the introduction of our new Corpus Christi web site. 

How about a contest? What could be more appropriate this time of year than an Easter Egg Hunt. Here’s the idea. There are pictures of Easter eggs scattered around on this site. Count them up and let us know how many you found. If you get it right we’ll throw your name into a hat for a drawing of some prizes.    Someone said they had some Target gift cards ready to give away. They seem like great prizes to me. While we’re at it we’ll give you something else to hunt for. Tell us the name of the page with the most eggs on it and we’ll throw your name into the hat again!    When the contest ends we’ll draw names until all the gift cards are gone. The final set of eggs will be on the web site by Easter Sunday morning, so you will have to wait until then to start counting.   We will give you about a month to hunt for them so you can go back again and again to check your answers to make sure you got them right.

To enter the contest just email us your name and answers to the address below. Oh, and while you’re at it be sure to tell us what you think. If you give us a great suggestion for the new site we will throw your name in the hat no matter what your answers! 🙂 Finally, you will have to come to Mass to pick up your prize (I guess that means it will be hard for people from out of town to play).

Some hints: As I am writing this there are 64 pages, 8 staff profiles, and 8 blog posts to search. However, since the plan is to keep the site current and interesting we will almost certainly add some more pages before the contest ends (but don’t worry – we won’t add any more eggs after Easter Sunday). Probably a lot of the pages won’t have any eggs on them at all, but you already know one page (this one) with at least four eggs on it. And don’t forget to include the four eggs on this page in your count.



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