The Corpus Christi Songbook


Music Recorded for use in
Worship At Home


The main reason we have posted these here is to facilitate online worship during these difficult times.

Musicians from the community have come forward and given their time and talent so that our online Worship At Home web page could have music that felt familiar to our community. There were no rehearsals and they were performed in the sanctuary in a manner as close a possible to how they would been led in the context of the Liturgy. The recordings were made over time beginning late in Lent and continuing as needed to supply the music for the WAH web pages. The initial setup was very simple and was essentially the same as we have used to make the weekly recordings of the Homilies at Mass. Once we realized that that this was to be an ongoing process we made significant effort to improve the clarity and quality of the recordings. To date there have been thirteen recording sessions: March 27th, April 21st, April 28th, May 21st, June 10th, July 2nd, July 23rd, August 19th, September 27th, October 23rd, November 6th, November 20th, and December 10th. New songs are posted to this page as we finish processing them, usually just in time for the weekend publishing of the WAH page.

Also note that since these recordings were made for specific liturgies they do not represent the full cross-section of the music used at Corpus Christi, but rather reflect this cycle of the seasons of Lent, Easter, Summer and Fall Ordinary Time, and now, Advent (that is, during the time when we have practiced social distancing because of COVID-19).

In humble gratitude, we acknowledge the gift the composers of this music have made in bringing these works to The Church.



A Place At the Table (L. True)

A Place Called home (M. Joncas)

A Voice Cries Out (M. Joncas)

Angels We Have Heard on High (GLORIA)

Anthem (T. Conry)

As a Fire is Meant for Burning (M. Haugen)

Ave Maria (D. Kantor)

Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn (M. Haugen)

Awake, O Sleeper (M. Haugen)

Away in a Manger (MUELLER)

Be Not Afraid (B. Dufford)

Be With Me (M. Haugen)

Blest Are Those Who Love You (M. Haugen)

Blest Be the Lord (D. Schutte)

Bring Forth the Kingdom (M. Haugen)

Bless the Lord My Soul (M. Haugen)

Build Us A Table (L. True)

Called by Christ (R. Duck)

Canticle of the Turning (R. Cooney)

Christ, Be Our Light (B. Farrell)

Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna (HOSANNA)

City of God (D. Schutte)

Come to the Water (J. Foley)

Epiphany Carol (BEACH SPRING)

Every Nation on Earth (M. Joncas)

Eye Has Not Seen (M. Haugen)

For Ever Will I Sing (M. Haugen)

For the Faithful Who Have Answered (D. Haas)

Fresh as the Morning (T. Alonso)

Gather Us In (M. Haugen)

Gathered As One (D. Light & P. Tate)

Give the Lord Glory and Honor (M. Haugen)

Go Gently, Go Lightly (L. True)

Go Tell It On the Mountain (GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN)

God is Still Speaking (M. Haugen)

God Mounts His Throne (M. Haugen)

God Never Tires (Z. Stachowski)

Hark! the Heralds Angels Sing (MENDELSSOHN)

Here I Am Lord (D. Schutte)

Hosanna (F. O’Brian)

How Can I Keep From Singing (HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING)

How Can We Be Silent (M. Mahler)

How Good It Is (L. True)

How Great Thou Art (O STORE GUD)

I Place My Life (R. Cooney)

I Shall Live in the House of the Lord (S. Pishner)

I Will Praise You Name (D. Haas)

If Today (P. Tate)

Jesus Christ is Risen Today (EASTER HYMN)

Joy To the World (ANTIOCH)

Lead Me, Guide Me (D. Akers)

Lead Me, Lord (J. Becker)

Let All the Earth (M. Haugen)

Let All Things Now Living (ASH GROVE)

Let Your Mercy Be On Us (M. Haugen)

Lift Every Voice and Sing (J. R. Johnson)

Lift Up Your Hearts (R. O’Connor)

Litany of Saints (J. Becker)

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (M. Haugen)

Lord, Make Us Turn to You (M. Haugen)

Lord of all Hopefulness (SLANE)

Magnificat (J. Chepponis)

Morning Hymn (God is Alive) (D. Haas)

My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me (M. Haugen)

My Soul Is Thirsting (M. Joncas)

My Soul Longs For You (D. Light, P. Tate)

Nativity Carol (F. P. O’Brien)

Neither Death Nor Life (M. Haugen)

Night of Silence (D. Kantor)

Night of Silence / Silent Night (D. Kantor)

No Greater Love (M. Joncas)

O Come O, Come Emmanuel (VENI VENI EMMANUEL)

O God, Why Are You Silent (PASSION CHORALE)

O God, You Search Me (B. Farrell)

O Little Town of Bethlelem (ST. LOUIS)

On That Holy Mountain (J. Mattingly)

One Lord (L. True)

Only In God (J. Foley)

Our Blessing Cup (M. Haugen)

Pie Jesu (G. Fauré)

Psalm 62 (Only In God) (J. M. Talbot)

Rain Down (J. Cortez)

Seed, Scattered and Sown (D. Feiten)

Send Down the Fire (M. Haugen)

Send Us Your Spirit (D. Haas)

Shelter Me (M. Joncas)

Shepherd Me O God (M. Haugen)

Shepherd of My Heart (F. O’Brien)

Silent Night (STILLE NACHT))

Sing a New Church (D. Dufner)

Sing a New Song (D. Schutte)

Sing of the Lord’s Goodness (E. Sands)

So Must You Do (M. Haugen)

Song of the Lord’s Command (D. Haas)

Song of the Lord’s Supper (M. Joncas)

Spirit Blowing Through Creation (M. Haugen)

Spirit Wind (S. Soper)

Table Prayer (M. Joncas)

Taste and See (M. Haugen)

The Canticle of the Sun (M. Haugen)

The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound (S. Morris)

The Cross of Jesus (F. O’Brien)

The Cry of the Poor (J. Foley)

The First Nowell (THE FIRST NOWELL)

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (J. Cotter)

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (M. Haugen)

The Lord’s Prayer (S. Warner)

The Love of the Lord (M. Joncas)

The Servant Song (R. Gillard)

The Tomb is Empty (D. Haas)

The Word is in Your Heart (B. Moore)

This is the Day (M. Joncas)

Though the Mountains May Fall (D. Schutte)

To You, O Lord (M. Haugen)

Today Is Born Our Saviour (F. P. O’Brien)

Ubi Caritas (B. Hurd)

Warm the Time of Winter (L. True)

Watch, O Lord (M. Haugen)

We Are Many Parts (M. Haugen)

We Are Not Alone (D. Haas)

We Give You Thanks (D. Haas)

We Long to See Your Face (K. Keil)

We Three Kings (KINGS OF ORIENT)

We Walk by Faith (M. Haugen)

Were You there (WERE YOU THERE)

What A Gift To Be Gathered (M. Haugen)

What Child Is This (GREENSLEEVES)

What Have We Done for the Poor Ones (L. True)

When You Come (Z. Stachowski)

Who Calls You By Name (D. Haas)

Who is the Alien (L. True)

With Drums and Dancing (D. Schutte)

With Open Hands (M. Haugen)

Wood of the Cradle (F. P. O’Brien)

World Peace Prayer (M. Haugen)

You Are All We Have (F. O’Brien)

You Are Called to Tell the Story (M. Haugen)

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (M. Haugen)

Service Music

Mass of Joy and Peace (T. Alanso)



Holy, Holy, Holy

Memorial: When We Eat This Bread


Lamb of God

Mass of Angels and Saints (S. Janco)

Holy, Holy, Holy

Memorial: Save Us…


Missa in Dulci Jubilo (R. Glover)

Holy, Holy, Holy

Memorial: We proclaim…



A Joyful Christmas Gloria (J. Cotter, T. Anslo)

Christmastime Alleluia – After the Gospel (J. Chepponis)

Christmastime Alleluia – Before the Gospel (J. Chepponis)

Easter Alleluia (Haugen)

Gospel Acclamation (Mass of Mercy) (True)

Gospel Acclamation (Storrington – Easter verse) (Haugen)

Gospel Acclamation (Storrington – Ordinary Time verse) (Haugen)

Kyrie (Haugen)

Kyrie (Joncas)

Kyrie, Mass of Remembrance (M. Haugen)

Lamb of God (D. Isele)

Lamb of God (M. Joncas)

Litany of the Word (B. Farrell)

Oh God, Hear Us – part 1 (B. Hurd)

Oh God, Hear Us – part 2 (B. Hurd)



Miscellaneous recordings from worship services


Prelude to Mass, Christmas Morning, 2020


Also of interest: A video version of music ministers from Corpus Christi singing Shelter Me by Fr. Michael Joncas, published on YouTube:

COMPOSER’S NOTE: These are difficult times for all of us, individually and globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as normal and called for acts of corporate and individual heroism in the face of present suffering and an uncertain future. People of faith may be struggling to articulate their belief in an all-good and all-powerful God in this new era. “Shelter Me” — is my attempt as a church composer to find God’s presence even in these fraught times. Based on the beloved Psalm 23, my paraphrase adapts the psalmist’s sentiments to respond to our present anxieties.






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