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  • Corpus Christi’s Racial Equity Discussion Group: Corpus Christi is starting a group to provide a brave, supportive and spiritually nurturing space where parishioners can gather to learn more about racism and support each other in efforts to eliminate it, both inside and outside the church. This group will meet once per month on a weekday evening that works for the members. It will be led by two Corpus Christi parishioners, Sr. Stephanie Spandl and Michelle Lenhart. If you are interested in joining or learning more, contact Michelle Lenhart at michellelenhart@gmail.com
  • Corpus Christi’s Food Drive:  Corpus Christi has collected about 20 bags of food and other essentials and about $1500, all of which has been donated to the Hallie Q. Brown Center in the Midway area, which was hit hard by the rioting. The need remains great, so the collection will continue. Items can be dropped off in the entryway to the school.
  • The Corpus Christi Building Action Team is currently investigating the opportunity to build affordable housing on our property. We are just beginning the process. We will be working with parishioners and the neighborhood. We will post information in the bulletin and on the parish website as it becomes available. If you have skills that would help in the consideration of this project please let Amanda Kieffer know at a.marie.weber@gmail.com.
  • Do Good Roseville – See what people are doing in Roseville concerning racial justice and join one or more of their interest groups.   https://dogoodroseville.com/sj-area-of-interest/
  • JustFaith: Tips for how to confront friends and family about racism. https://justfaith.org/8-tips-for-confronting-racism-with-your-friends-and-colleagues/
  • Hollaback! is a global, people-powered movement to end harassment. They work on ensuring equal access to public spaces.  https://www.ihollaback.org/

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