Interfaith Youth Day of Service 2019

Interfaith Youth Day of Service 2019

A group of high school and middle school youth spent President’s Day at Augsburg University exploring other religions and serving side-by-side with youth from other religious backgrounds. The day started with workshops and talks. The workshops allowed the youth to learn about other faith traditions. The talks empowered our youth to get involved, to stand up to injustice, and to learn from each other. The speakers were youth from Interfaith Youth Connection, Augsburg administration, and the keynote speaker, Rebecca Noecker, a Saint Paul City Council Member.

In the afternoon, our group volunteered at Sisterhood Boutique, a thrift store located across the street from Augsburg University. The shop was developed by East African women between the ages of 14 and 23 who reside in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. Young women involved with the program learn a variety of personal and professional skills while working at the boutique. The variety of clothing and accessories provide affordable clothing options for residents of the neighborhood.

Our youth helped out by sorting donations, refilling racks, putting together clothing selections for their upcoming fashion show, and even ironing clothes that were about to go out onto the sales floor.

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