First Reconciliation Program

Reconciliation is a sacrament of forgiveness and healing from our wrongdoings. As Catholics, we believe it is vital to reconcile with God in order to grow in our faith, love, and trust in the Lord. God invites us to this great sacrament so that we may know of His deep love and mercy for us.

Corpus Christi welcomes all students second grade and up to our First Reconciliation home-based, parent taught program. There will be an informational meeting at the beginning of the program to prepare parents for teaching their children with the Loyola Press curriculum provided. 

Assuming it will be safe, there will be a large group First Reconciliation Service held in January 2021. Please note you may also schedule private arrangements with the pastor for your child to receive their First Reconciliation any time after the curriculum is completed.

Please see the Elementary Faith Formation page for registration materials.

First Reconciliation & First Communion Calendar

Coordinator of Faith Formation

Laura Schaad is a cradle Catholic who continues to learn and grow in the beautiful faith of the Church. She graduated from College of Saint Benedict in May 2019 with a BA in Theology and Secondary Education. While undergoing her student teaching experience, Laura heard God calling her to teach the faith in a parish church instead of a traditional school classroom. She is delighted to be a part of the Corpus Christi community and is excited to care for and learn from the parishioners here. Laura hopes to connect with every community member over a possible common love for cooking, baking, books, TV shows, Minnesota, and of course, Catholicism. She can be reached at or 651-846-9215.