Community Life at Corpus Christi

The Church of Corpus Christi has a long history of parish community involvement and engagement that reflects its name as the “Body of Christ”. Parishioners are invited to participate in any of the existing ministries, committees, and activities in the parish or offer their ideas, gifts, and talents in new ways.

Specific Committees that focus on Community Life are listed below. If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact us at 651.639.8888.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee provides opportunities for parishioners to participate in local and global charity projects, advocating for particular issues that support justice here and abroad, and raising money for those in need. Background Information is provided for policy initiatives, as well as guidance for advocacy for working with public representatives and organizations. For more information on ways to participate, visit the Social Justice section of our website.

Red Cross Blood Drive

A Blood drive is held each spring in the Corpus Christi Gathering Area. Parishioners are welcome to call and coordinate donors and help at the Blood Drive itself with registration and hospitality.