Corpus Christi Moms In Prayer

Corpus Christi Moms In Prayer

Our Corpus Christi Moms in Prayer group just celebrated the close of the school year with a delicious potluck dinner and time of thanksgiving and fellowship. Our meals together are always amazing because we have so many different cultures represented, and that means delicious food from many places! The Lord has blessed us this year with many new moms and grandmas, and we have experienced many answers to prayer for our children, grandchildren and their schools. Our prayer time together has grown our friendship and helped us to trust each other more and more as we pray for one another’s children and grandchildren.

We added 9 new women to our group this year! There are 20 ladies on our roster, with an average of 12-15 at every meeting. The diversity in our group is multifaceted. We have all ages of women from young moms with little ones to great grandmas in their 80’s! We have women who have only lived in the USA (or Minnesota!), and others who come to us from Columbia, Ghana, China, Kenya, Rwanda, Eritrea, and Vietnam. We speak English at our prayer meeting, but it sounds a little like Pentecost every week with all the varying accents! Most of the women are members of Corpus Christi, and two join us from other Christian churches. Though very diverse, the unity we experience is a true gift from God. We all feel incredibly blessed! The main thing that draws us together is the love we have for our children and grandchildren and the burden to pray for them and for their schools. When we pray together, we bring all our concerns to the Lord and leave feeling uplifted and at peace.

From September through May, we meet most every Wednesday from 7-8:15pm. We will pray on a looser schedule this summer, but welcome new women to join in. This would be an excellent time to come see what our hour of prayer is like! The summer dates are June 5, June 19, July 17, August 7, and August 21 and we meet from 7-8:15pm in the Parish Center Chapel. If you would like more information, please contact Deb Stine at 651-468-7077 or email


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