We seek to teach the Catholic Faith and to foster life-long faith development for all ages. This includes fostering personal and spiritual growth in each individual, as well as active participation in the community. We work to empower people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

Corpus Christi Faith Formation Mission Statement

To teach the Catholic faith, foster growth, to build community and to broaden people’s sense of social justice, all in the context of our Catholic heritage.

The Goals of the Children and Youth Faith Formation Program

  • Help all ages develop a personal relationship with Christ
  • Teach and Strengthen Catholic identity and core knowledge of Catholic beliefs
  • Provide membership in a caring community
  • Provide fun experiences in the name of the Lord
    • Art
    • Games/drama
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Other social events
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful prayer/worship
    • Classroom experiences
    • Retreat experiences
    • With the adult community
  • Provide opportunity for growth by helping others
    • Organized and individual social justice and service experiences
    • Mission opportunities for older students
  • Build relationships with trusting adults who serve as Christian mentors
  • Develop a strong sense of the value of all people
    • Rejoice in the diversity within our community
    • Respect for life and the environment
  • Develop positive human relationship skills