Youth Hunger Forum

On Wednesday, February 24, 57 parishioners and visitors gathered on Zoom for a Youth Hunger Forum, sponsored by the Social Justice Committee of Corpus Christi Church. Our speakers were, in the words of our pastor, Father Michael Goodavish, “very informative, and moved hearts.” The proof of that is that, as of 2 pm on February 25, we had raised $5,000 for their respective causes. Coupled with $3,000 from a bequest that we used as a “match” incentive, we will be able to give each organization at least $2,000 apiece. Thanks to all who gave!

If you didn’t have a chance to give last night but still want to contribute, you can! Just click on the Corpus Christi donation page, click on “Other,” and next to the asterisk, type “Youth Hunger Forum.”

As part of the forum, Social Justice Committee chair DeeAnn Stenlund outlined a number of ways to alleviate hunger before it happens by participating in advocacy. Here are the “advocacy opportunities” mentioned at the forum:

Mary McKeown from Keystone also urged us to support our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) neighbors by shopping at their businesses, since people of color have been hardest hit both by COVID and the recent racial unrest. She also asked that we write to our senators and representative to support increasing SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. To find out who represents you, go to

Finally, here are the websites for the four organizations represented by our speakers last night:

Keystone Community Services
Every Meal (Fighting Child Hunger)
Department of Indian Work/Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul
The Good Club at Highland Park High School (no web site, this is an email link to Mary Kristjanson)

Thanks again for your participation, and blessings for the rest of Lent and the upcoming Easter season.

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