May Community Prayer

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This May we invite you to pray for the intercession of Mary, the mother of God. As Catholics, we speak of the Communion of Saints. Those who came before us are truly our family, to help us on our way. When we are in trouble or have important needs, we often ask other disciples to pray for us, to speak to God on our behalf. In our Catholic faith, we believe that physical death does not separate us from that connection. If you were to meet Mary on the street today and realize who she is, the mother of Jesus, you’d most likely ask her to pray for you and ask her to watch over you. This month, we recall this relationship with her. She’s a real person with the very real desire to reach out to you and help you on your way. If you haven’t already done so today, why not stop for a moment right now and just say hello to her. Ask her to pray for you now and at the moment of [your] death. And then, say hello again tomorrow and the day after that! She’d love that. She’s your mother!

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