H2O Woah!

H2O Woah!

H2O Woah!

Last Sunday, during the Water Is Life presentation, the kids had their own water presentation. We took some time to reflect on how important water is to each of us. We talked about how we use water. Then, we got to visualize how much of earth’s water is not salty and not frozen. It’s a pretty small percentage! Since that small amount of water is all we have, we learned very quickly how important it is to take care of our water.

We brainstormed ideas about how we can conserve water. We thought of lots of things like taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet while brushing our teeth, using a rain barrel, and using leftover water for pets or plants instead of sending it down the drain.

Next, we talked about pollution and how sometimes unwanted things get into our water. We had two tubs of water and Liz started throwing garbage and recyclables and oil into our water. We had to figure out a way to get all that yucky stuff out! We started by picking the big stuff out with tongs and a strainer. Once all the big things were out, the water still looked pretty gross. We built water filters with paper towels, cotton balls, pebbles, and sand. When we were done the water looked a lot better. We talked about how some pollution can’t be removed easily from our water, even with sophisticated filtration systems.

Then, we talked about the problem with plastics in our water. We watched this video that showed us some of the harmful effects of water pollution.


In the video, we loved seeing all the animals, but we were sad to see what was happening to them. We knew we had to do something to prevent all the garbage and recyclables from getting into our water. We shared ideas about how to reduce single-use plastics. We thought about how we could pick up trash when we see it lying around.  We watched another video about a family living zero-waste that challenged us to think about how we could reduce our waste.


We were amazed to see the small amount of garbage they collected in a year. What simple steps could we take to reduce the amount of garbage that we make every day?


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