Blessing of the Solar Array

On Sunday, October 7th, at the end of the 10:30am Mass, Fr. Paveglio and Deacon Glenn processed out the south door of the Church followed by approximately 100 parishioners. Once all were inside the solar array’s fence, Fr. Paveglio briefly explained Corpus Christi’s commitment to renewable energy as our way of answering the Pope’s call in Laudato Si for all people of conscience to take up climate change as a moral imperative. Corpus Christi’s leadership learned that solar energy was a way we could address our parish’s carbon footprint in a substantial way AND be good stewards of the parish’s funds by lowering our electricity cost. After a beautiful reading and prayer, everyone followed Fr. Paveglio as he processed around the perimeter of the array and sprinkled the array with holy water. During this time, a call and response prayer for God creations was prayed by all. The procession ended with a final blessing and then everyone returned to the church for fellowship and hospitality.

At noon, Cedar Creek Energy, the array’s contractor, held a solar energy learning session followed by a question and answer session covering Corpus Christi’s array. Information from these sessions can be found in the following documents:

Solar Array FAQ
Solar Energy Presentation

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