The New Website!

The New Website!

The new website is finally live. It has been the work of months by many parties but it was worth the wait. Let us know what you think. And even more than that — tell us what you want to see here. Belonging to the Parish means it belongs to you!

I am very excited about our newly updated website.  Let me tell you about some of the features that I know you will find helpful, user-friendly, and aid your ministry. First, beyond the dramatic change in the look of the site we want to reassure you that it has all the content of the old site, much of it exactly where it used to be. Some things are laid out a bit differently, and there has been some reorganization, but almost everything can be quickly found in the menus at the top of every page. Beyond that there are some significant differences because of things that have been added. Perhaps the most important is that the site is now contains blogging features. If you are not familiar with “blog” we’ll mention is a truncation of the expression “weblog”, and this in turn may tell you that it’s a bit like a personal journal with daily (or at least regular) entries. This blogging feature makes it easy to quickly add in-depth information and organize it in a way that makes it easy to find. Beyond just keeping people informed, we expect the ready access to detailed current information will generate interest and participation. For example, if we are about to have an event like the Community Fish Fry, or perhaps a clothing drive for the homeless, a blog is a great way to present more information than we can put in the printed weekly bulletin. Similarly, current issues can be added to the blog that both inform and generate discussion in the community. The new site will allow us to finally add ideas that came up in last year’s Strategic Planning Survey. One I personally like is that you can now listen to audio recordings of the homilies at Mass. I can imagine the homebound will particularly appreciate this way of keeping connected with our community. The new site has a great search feature (look for the magnifying glass at the top of the page). If you don’t want to hunt through the menus or the blogs for something you can just search for it. For example, enter “blood drive” and all the pages that contain that show up in the list of results. Finally, a much-needed feature of the new site is that it works great on smartphones of all shapes and sizes. Our new site has been the work of many individuals and taken months to get ready, but now that it is here I think you will agree it was well worth the wait. And remember, it really is your site — let us know what you want to see on it. By the way, you can now get to it by entering just, although the longer address of still works too.


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