Fr. James “Jim” Devorak

Father James Devorak

As of July 1st Fr. Jim is no longer at Corpus Christi but is now pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Watertown MN

In 1945, just after World War II ended, I was born in West Central Minnesota.  I enjoyed growing up on a farm and growing crops and animals and being close to nature.  I entered St. Paul Seminary after high school and was Ordained in 1972.  The inspired documents of Vatican II formed my outlook and made spirituality so much more alive and real than the narrow churchiness I grew up with in the 1950’s.  I enjoyed serving in rural ministry in a number of parishes until I retired in 2015 so I could move closer to family and serve in the Archdiocese.  Since then the Archdiocese has called on me to fill in at several parishes.  I served Corpus Christi in the Fall of 2015 until the Spring of 2016 when I was asked to go to St. Girard in Brooklyn Park.  I was excited to return to Roseville in July of 2017.  I enjoy serving the people of Corpus Christi parish.  In John’s Gospel chapter 12, some people who had come to worship at the Passover Feast came to Philip and asked him, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.”  While each of us is called to reflect Jesus to each other, I as one who is called to preach have a unique responsibility to help you see Jesus. Despite my many personal limitations and my unfaithfulness with what God has given to me, the Holy Spirit continues to move through me.  I look to Fr. Richard Rohr OSF, a Spiritual Master, for guidance during this final part of my journey.  I humbly thank you for your trust.


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